HD-DVD is dead - Blu-Ray wins the format war

HD-DVD is dead - Blu-Ray wins the format war

A little late on this, but seeing as how we've followed the format war on the fringes here at ScreenAnarchy, it's fitting to see what - if anything - the end means to our readers and contributors.

One supposes it was about time Sony won one of these things. Beta, Mini-Disc, UMD... Sony hasn't historically bet on the right horse when it came to home entertainment formats, so with Toshiba's announcement they'll no longer be developing HD-DVD technology, Sony has cause to celebrate. Blu-Ray will, for the foreseeable future, be the next-gen choice in physical media. Prices on players are dropping and online retailers have been offering increasingly appealing deals on BR media since late 2007. Blu-Ray's here to stay. For a while.

Does this turn have what it takes to light a fire under anyone to make the high-def jump? Who's ready out there? Who's already there?

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