Steve Carell will Get Smart?

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I will admit that a sense of dread came over me when I heard that the hit BBC britcom The Office was being remade for American television. Not surprising for a nation that continually borrows good ideas from other countries [British comedy and Japanese horror to name a couple] but I was not ready to watch them bastardize it. However, upon viewing the first two episodes I may change my tone. Still waiting though. Nothing definitive yet. But, if they continue to roll with just the concept of the series and simply not rehash the other eleven episodes and double episode Christmas special they may very well succeed.

Having said that and gotten that off my chest [what's with the chest references tonight?] I will proclaim to the massess that Steve Carell is a very funny man. From his days on The Daily Show to delivering the best lines in Anchor Man: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and now the oh-so despicable boss, Michael Scott, in The Office Steve Carell is on the rise to further stardom. He's wrapped up shooting on Bewitched and is currently shooting The 40-year Old Virgin.

And today we received word that he is part of the remake of the 60s television show Get Smart...

"They're developing right now, and they are in the process of writing the script so it's somewhere down the road. Right now, the approach is modern day. The basic premise is that both CONTROL and KAOS have fallen on hard times and are not being funded by the government. They're not getting the same kind of funding as (the) CIA. They have one last mission to try to get back on top - it's not retro at all."

Steve Carell is on his way to being a household name. I just hope we don't see the trend of saturating the market with a comedic leading man like we're witnessing with Will Ferrell right now.

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