Takashi Miike. Has He Now Directed A Pop Concert Film!? Looks Like It.



Here is something I bumped into this morning, a story published in Japanese online at the end of January this year... Takashi Miike Directed a Concert Video for an Pop Star whos' name translates (for me, and my computer) as Osamu Akira Yoshikawa - a 39 year old who seems to be celebrating 20 years in the business.

It is also suggested that this is their second meeting, and the singer may have done some music for a Miike film back in 2000, which may well be 'Shangri-La' (it translates as "Drifting Town"). This will be the first time Miike has done something like this, but it does seem to vaguely relate to the stage play Miike was directing not so long back, which i also incidentally heard was infact broadcast on Japanese TV at the start of 2005.

So, If anyone who read Japanese fluenty is around, check the details and report any changes in the comments please! Here's the original piece.

*EDIT* : Gom' says it is infact Koji Kikawa, who was in 'Guys From Paradise" by Miike. Thanks.

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