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After creating an enormous buzz in Europe Sergio Castellitto's latest film Non Ti Muovere is now available on a splendid DVD by Medusa (Italy) and fortunately enough for us offers optional English subs.

Of course the film is yet to be released in the States so those interested in seeing why Penelope Cruz is being considered one of the main candidates for the prestigious Oscar Award this year will simply have to pick the R2 dvd.

Non Ti Muovere won two David Di Donatello Awards (the Italian Oscars) for Best Actor (Sergio Castellitto) and Best Acctress (Penelope Cruz) as well as the Audience Award at the European Film Awards last year.
US distribs- WAKE UP!! The film's Italian website - complete with image galleries and a stack of behind the scenes footage, though no proper trailer that I can find - is here.

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