Oxide Pang's The Tesseract Hits DVD October 26th

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Here's one that almost slipped past me ... Showtime Entertainment will be releasing Oxide Pang's The Tesseract on North American DVD on October 26th. Pang - along with his twin brother Danny - is the hugely acclaimed director of Bangkok Dangerous and the Eye, and The Tesseract is based on a novel by Alex Garland, critically praised author of The Beach and 28 Days Later.

After failing to receive a theatrical release of any sort in North America and passing being bought and sold by a handful of different companies it now appears that we here in North America will actually be receiving the first DVD release of the film worldwide. Check out the distributor's spec sheet here, a review by Opus from last year's Toronto Film Festival here and the Japanese website for the film - including a trailer - here.

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