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I doubt there is a single more under appreciated film maker in North America today than Errol Morris. Yes, he won an Oscar last year but go out and ask someone on the street if they've heard of him and I'll bet that better than ninety percent of the time the answer will be no. The man is a master of his craft, spinning these odd little documentary films that unfold to reveal just incredible things about human nature.

In many ways Morris - with his quiet, subtle style and insistence on remaining firmly off camera - is the anti-Moore, as stylistically opposed to Moore's in your face antics and bluster as is humanly possible but if they agree on one point it's politics. While Moore continues to make waves with Fahrenheit 9/11, Morris has just shot and posted online a series of pro-Kerry election ads in which he finds people who voted for Bush in the previous election but are voting for Kerry in this election and simply lets them explain why. The spots are vintage Morris, simple, minimalist, and very effective. Check them out here.

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