Aint It Cool News? Yes. A Bit Late Though : Tetsujin 28.



AICN aka Aint It Cool News has put up a link to the Tetsujin 28 site overnight. Thing is, it was posted here weeks ago by Todd (i think?). Infact, I can't even find it in the archives here at ScreenAnarchy : but who knows, someone might have spotted it here and told AICN about it. Bit late guys.

Anyhow : I can't tell them over there. So, anyone with the ability to post at AICN, can you please tell them and everyone else we were on the case.

The only snippets i've heard about the film so far suggest theres little CGI in it and its "paced for shit", as a forum poster put it. Still, thats opinion in part so lets wait and see for ourselves, hopefully in 2005.

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