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Now Streaming: IP MAN 4: THE FINALE, The Master Teaches Bruce Lee a Thing or Two

Donnie Yen, Wu Yue, Vaness Wu and Scott Adkins star in an entertaining action picture, directed by Wilson Yip and now streaming on Netflix.

Busan 2017 Review: THE BRINK Delivers Delightfully Ludicrous Entertainment

After a string of scene-stealing supporting roles, a bleach blond Zhang Jin takes the lead in Jonathan Li's The Brink, as a renegade Hong Kong cop on the trail of Shawn Yue’s villainous gold smuggler. Featuring a string of impressively...

Review: PARADOX Scores Another Hit for the SPL Franchise

Louis Koo plays a vengeful cop rampaging through Thailand in Paradox, the third instalment of Hong Kong's SPL action franchise. Director Wilson Yip returns to the helm, as does action choreographer Sammo Hung, while Koo is joined in front of the camera...