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Fantastic Fest 2018 Review: THE UNTHINKABLE, Audacious, Gripping and Shamelessly Sentimental

A low-budget wonder from the filmmaking collective Crazy Pictures.

Disaster Strikes Sweden In Terrific DEN BLOMSTERTID NU KOMMER Trailer

From the looks of things, if there’s one Swedish genre film that’s sure to make a splash in the next few months, it’s Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer (aka The Unthinkable, although it literally translates to ‘Now the time of blossoming...

Impressive Teaser For Swedish Disaster Picture NOW THE TIME OF BLOSSOMING ARRIVES

What's this? A crowd-funded disaster picture out of Sweden that looks as though it could stand up to major studio offerings? That's exactly what you get with the teaser for upcoming effort Now The Time Of Blossoming Arrives (Den Blomstertid...