THE POSSESSION AT GLADSTONE MANOR: Horror Icons Barbara Crampton Lin Shaye Join Caylee Cowan, Jesse Metcalf And William Mapother

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THE POSSESSION AT GLADSTONE MANOR: Horror Icons Barbara Crampton Lin Shaye Join Caylee Cowan, Jesse Metcalf And William Mapother
Here's one for fans of possession horror flicks. Another one is on it's way and horror icons Barbara Crampton and Lin Shaye are part of the cast.
K. Asher Levin's horror flick The Possession at Gladstone Manor is currently in production in Kansas City, Missouri. 
Caylee Cowan plays Jamie Black whose mother Frida (Crampton) goes missing. Jamie applys for the same job her mother held at Gladstone Manor. She meets a mysterious and evil nurse (Shaye) and must rely on her brothers Rupert and Chris (Darren Weiss and Jesse Metcalfe), and Chris' fiancee Sam (Charlotte Kirk The Lair, The Reckoning) to get her out. Character actor extraordinaire William Mapother plays Henry Gladstone, who it is safe to say the manor is named after. 
Sales are currently underway at Marche du Film in Cannes.
AMP to Handle Worldwide Sales at Cannes
Umbrelic Entertainment’s Brian Katz and Thomas Zambeck are proud to announce that filming has commenced for the horror film, THE POSSESSION AT GLADSTONE MANOR. Starring Caylee Cowan (Hypnotic), Jesse Metcalf (John Tucker Must Die), Charlotte Kirk (The Reckoning), Darren Weiss (Inside Man), Barbara Crampton (You’re Next), William Mapother (Blackhat), and Lin Shaye (Insidious Franchise), production is underway in Kansas City, utilizing the new Missouri state tax incentives. 
AMP’s Anthony Buckner will be handling international sales at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. 
“As die-hard fans of the horror genre, this project feels like a dream come true,” says Zambeck. “We’re thrilled to bring this dark vision to life, and scare audiences with this timeless tale for years to come.” 
When Jamie Black discovers her mother has gone missing in THE POSSESSION AT GLADSTONE MANOR, she resolves to investigate by applying for the same job her mother held at Gladstone Manor. Jamie soon finds evidence that her mother isn't the only missing person, and that she may be dealing with sinister forces beyond this world. Desperate, she enlists the help of her brothers - Rupert and Chris - and Sam (Chris’ fiancée): all of whom are professional criminals and former marines. Once Jamie arrives at the house, she is immediately greeted by a mysterious and evil Nurse, and soon realizes the residents of Gladstone Manor are an enemy like no other, with a dark power she’s never faced. Trapped in the house, she must rely on her brothers and future sister-in-law to save her. 
At the helm of production is director K. Asher Levin (Dig) who co-wrote the script with Danny Matier (The Unborn), from a story by Addam Bramich. Theresa Wayman from Warpaint is composing the score. 
“I couldn’t be more excited to work with this amazing cast and my wonderful producing partners," says Levin. "Together we plan to create new nightmares that would make Wes Craven proud.”
Along with Katz and Zambeck, THE POSSESSION AT GLADSTONE MANOR is being produced in association with Jordon Rioux (Head Count) and Chris Knitter (The Stylist) of the Kansas City-based, Method Media. Sean Krajewski (Rumours), Ronnie Exley (Longlegs), Jeremy Ross (The Accursed), and Theresa Wayman executive produce through Rabbits Black, with Cowan and Crampton. Anish Gupta also serves as Executive Producer.  
“We are bringing big budget feature films to Kansas City, Missouri because both the state AND the city provide incentives to filmmakers," notes Knitter. "We can get up to half of our money back and provide jobs to hundreds of people. Kansas City’s production community is extremely strong, and the locations are very diverse."  
Cowan is repped by Jason Hyman at Buchwald. Metcalf is repped by Brett Norensberg and Jennifer Craig at Gersh, and managed by Erik Kritzer at Link Entertainment. Kirk is repped by Bobby Moses at Mavrick Artists Agency. Weiss is repped by Natalie Kollar at L.A.Talent. Crampton is repped by Mike Eisenstadt at Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa Talent Agency (AEFH).  Both Shaye and Mapother are repped by Julia Buchwald. Shaye is also repped by Gina Rugolo-Judd at Rugolo entertainment. Levin is repped by Pamela Fisher at LBI Entertainment. 
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