LAZARETH: Official Trailer And Poster For Ashley Judd Headlining Thriller

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LAZARETH: Official Trailer And Poster For Ashley Judd Headlining Thriller

Following the death of their parents, Lee (Ashley Judd) adopts her nieces, Imogen (Katie Douglas) and Maeve (Sarah Pidgeon), and raises them in a remote cabin as a deadly pandemic rages on around them. For over 10 years, the girls are raised to never leave the woods, avoid any and all interaction with outsiders, and ultimately rely on Lee as their only connection to the outside world.  Lee has convinced the girls this is the key to survival in what is now an infectious and violent world. But when Imogen and Maeve discover an injured man in the nearby woods, Lee’s absolute control begins to disintegrate as their faith in her, and everything they’ve ever known, begins to unravel.

Here is a very... is The CW still a thing? Cause this official trailer for Alec Tibaldi's thriller Lazareth looks and sounds like it's promoting a Friday night YT syndicated series for that network. Young women, coming of age in a remote cabin when a young man with face tattoos stumbles upon their homested, shot through his six pack. Okay then. 

Lazareth! Starring Ashley Judd, Sarah Pidgeon, Katie Douglas, Edward Balaban and Asher Angel. Friday Nights on The CW. 

See for yourself below and tell me this trailer doesn't look and sound like it's promoting a weeklyl series and not a theatrical release in select theaters and On Demand May 10, 2024. 

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