IMAGE OF YOU Trailer: Hot Twins Fight Over a Hot Guy And Other Hot People Watch

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IMAGE OF YOU Trailer: Hot Twins Fight Over a Hot Guy And Other Hot People Watch
Sasha Pieterse (PRETTY LITTLE LIARS), Parker Young (IMPOSTERS), Nestor Carbonell (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES), and Academy Award® winner Mira Sorvino (MIGHTY APHRODITE) star in this twisted tale of deception and desire based on the bestselling thriller by Adele Parks. Identical twins Anna and Zoe find their bond tested over Anna's new love, Nick. While the trusting Anna is head over heels, her skeptical sister Zoe senses a web of deceit. But as Zoe digs for the truth, they're all pulled into a dangerous game where honesty could prove fatal.
I'm doing this one for Josh. Normally, I'd give erotic thrillers a miss, because, erotic thrillers. However, after watching the trailer for Image of You I'm almost convinced that this is something that Josh would be willing to give a go. See, over the course of many weeks - and I still don't know why - Josh took it upon himself to watch the complete filmography of one Doug Campbell, director of an enormous number of Lifetime Channel erotic and domestic thrillers. 
So now's that he's a seasoned expert on the subject matter I'll leave it up to him to decide if this is something worth checking, or if it even compares to that great endevour that he took upon himself. In the meantime we have posted the trailer down below. Yes, it's not usual content for the site, but for Josh we'll do mostly anything. Sometimes. But not on Tuesdays. Or after 12pm ET. Weekends are out as well. 
As the great Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery once said, "Twins, Basil"
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