BABY ASSASSINS 2 Giveaway: Win a Blu-ray!

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BABY ASSASSINS 2 Giveaway: Win a Blu-ray!

It's the holiday weekend y'all. If you've taken some time away from family get-togethers to catch up on action related news then we've got something for you right here. We're giving away three (3) copies of Hugo Sakamoto's slacker action comedy, Baby Assassins 2, on Blu-ray to give away to our readers in the U.S.

After being suspended from their agency due to a rules violation, two highly skilled teenage assassins are forced to get “real” jobs to make ends meet. But while the elite duo is forbidden from executing targets or enemies under any circumstances, two aspiring rival hitmen decide to eliminate the competition while they’re vulnerable—leading to a lightning-fast showdown between trained killers.

Baby Assassins 2 comes out on Blu-ray and digital next Tuesday, April 2nd. We've got a shotgun giveaway this weekend and we'll pick the winners next Tuesday. It's been a while since I ran a giveaway here so let me catch you up to speed on how I like to do them around here.

You answer my fact-finding question below then I'll gather up all qualifying answers on Tuesday and randomly draw three winners from a proverbial hat. This giveaway is only open to readers from the U.S. You must enter by noon EST on Tuesday April 2nd. When you have the answer email me here.


Which two, big genre film festivals did we review both Baby Assassins movies out of - the first one and this sequel? 

When you have your answer email me here. Good luck to all who enter. 

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