LA NUEVA (The Newcomer): 2023's Horror Short Film of the Year? It Just Might be...

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LA NUEVA (The Newcomer): 2023's Horror Short Film of the Year? It Just Might be...
For your consideration.
Let us say that Horror Short Film of the Year were something that was officially awarded by globally recognized group of our peers. Then we say that the honor was awarded to the horror short that accumulated the most festival stops during the year, combined with the most awards, we’re talking volume here. Iván Villamel and Raúl Cerezo’s La Nueva (aka The Newcomer) would certainly make a strong case for being awarded that honor for 2023. 
So, officially that award doesn’t exist but even in name it is something you have to consider for La Nueva. The short film from the director of Mr. Dentonn and co-written by one of the writer-directors of La Pasajera (The Passenger) and Viejos (The Elderly) reached more than two hundred and fifty festival stops during it’s festival run in 2023. During that time it accumulated more than one hundred international awards. 
That’s, a lot. 
What started at Sitges in October, 2022, is still going strong into 2024. It's last stop in 2023 was at Bloodstained Indie Film Festival: Scifi Horror Action in Japan. So far this year had stops at Horror Island Film fest in Spain, FIXION in Chile, Muestra de Cortometrajes de Terror y Fantasis in Mexico and Carcosian Film Night in Belgium.
Villamel says there are still more dates to come. Perhaps it will make an appearance at a festival stop near you. Check out the teaser, one more time, down below. 
La Nueva Laurel Poster.png
"La Nueva" (aka The Newcomer) had its world premiere at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, considered the best fantasy genre festival in the world. Their next stop was the Screamfest in Los Angeles, the oldest genre festival in the USA, better known as the Sundance of horror. There, "La Nueva" won the prestigious Golden Skull for best short film, designed by Stan Winston.
After these two prestigious stops, the short film has continued to accumulate success, visiting many of the best genre festivals in the world until reaching more than 250 official selections at festivals around the world. To these figures, we must add more than 100 international awards. Thanks to this, it has been considered “the horror short film of the year” for its festival run.
The short film is directed by Iván Villamel (who already had great worldwide impact with his previous short film "Mr.Dentonn") and co-written by Ivan himself along with Raúl Cerezo (author of the feature films "The Passenger" and "The Elderly" , available on the prestigious horror platform Shudder).
In this horror story set in a religious institute, a group of rebellious students will face a conflict with a teacher and a supernatural element that affects all of them. A story that breathes tension and with many script twists to keep the audience on the edge, with references to horror films from the 70s and 80s. A slasher described as a mix between Evil Dead, Carrie and The Breakfast Club.
Amaia Sagasti leads the acting team, in the role of teacher, and a group of young actors stand out for their great ability to take their characters to the limit of tension.

La Nueva | Official Trailer HD | Eye Slice (2022) from Eye Slice Pictures on Vimeo.

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