LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP Trailer & Poster: The Deep Dark Is Not Always Lovely

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LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP Trailer & Poster: The Deep Dark Is Not Always Lovely

We might be in the depths of winter, so I'm sure many of us are dreaming about nice, long walks in the woods when we can find peace and quiet, once the snow melts. But as any horror film fan will tell you, danger lurks in the deep and dark.

Taking its title from the Robert Frost poem (admitedly set in winter), the feature debut Lovely, Dark and Deep from Teresa Sutherland (The Wind, Midnight Mass), it follows one woman's terryfing journey into that deep which is definitely dark, but perhaps not so lovely. The trailer evokes all that is haunting about the woods, especially in places when you know there is no help for miles and miles, and your sense are both overloaded and not to be trusted.

Lovely, Dark and Deep is a psychological horror that centers on Lennon (Georgina Campbell, Barbarian, BAFTA winner for Murdered by My Boyfriend), who seizes the opportunity to assume the coveted role of a back-country ranger at a remote outpost. While adapting to her solitary existence in the wilderness, she becomes aware of a lurking, sinister presence. Driven by the need for answers, Lennon embarks on a journey through the ominous terrain, seeking to unveil the long-standing mystery that has haunted her since childhood.

Our own Josh Hurtado was a fan when he saw is at Fantasia last year, and in his review, had this to say: "The film is well-paced, delivers plenty of chills, and does so without monsters or jump scares, and even with a minimal amount of bloodletting manages to be terrifyingly astute in its study of Lennon’s battle with her own demons and the demons that are after her. One of the year’s best horror films, Lovely, Dark, and Deep grabs hold and doesn’t let go, truly chilling and an exciting feature debut for Sutherland."

The film will be released on VOD on February 22nd. In the meantime, check out the poster and trailer below.

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