Boutique Startup Celluloid Dreams Brings Giallo THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS to Blu-ray And 4K UHD

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Boutique Startup Celluloid Dreams Brings Giallo THE CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS to Blu-ray And 4K UHD
Here's one for fans of preserving their favorite Giallo films on physical media, and getting them in the best version possible. A new boutique startup, Celluloid Dreams (no relation to the French production and distribution company), have announced their debut title of restorations, Giuliano Carnimeo’s The Case of the Bloody Iris
Presented for the first time ever in 4K UHD Celluloid Dreams will release The Case of the Bloody Iris next April.  The release will feature both the original Italian and English dub and a mix of old bonus featues and newly created ones for this release. It is a must have for Giallo fans. 
All the details about the movie and this special release can be found in the announcement below. We have also included a teaser and traielr from a different source in case you're not famliar with The Case of the Bloody Iris
Boutique startup announces its debut release, 
bringing Giuliano Carnimeo’s beloved giallo 
to 4K UHD for the first time
Celluloid Dreams ( today announces the release date for its upcoming debut title “The Case of the Bloody Iris.” Originally known as “Perchè Quelle Strane Gocce Di Sangue Sul Corpo Di Jennifer?,” the 1972 film is Italian director Giuliano Carnimeo’s only giallo, and it has since become a genre favorite. The film will be released on April 9th 2024 as a 2-disc combo containing a Blu-ray and 4K UHD version with a suggested retail price of $45.95
From a script by the master architect of giallo, Ernesto Gastaldi (THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH, ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS), comes director Giuliano Carnimeo’s sexually-charged giallo debut (credited as Anthony Ascott), presented here, for the first time, in 4K ultra high definition anywhere. “The Case of the Bloody Iris” features a brand new transfer of the movie, taken from the original camera negative that has been carefully color-graded and painstakingly restored for this release to bring out every detail in its beautiful cinematography.
The gruesome murders of two young women send a shockwave of fear through the tenants of a high-rise apartment building. For photo models Jennifer and Marylin, it presents a welcome opportunity to move in together in one of the emptied flats.
But the aura of terror catches up with everyone and soon, Jennifer feels like prey, stalked and targeted by the gloved killer. As her paranoia grows, Jennifer suspects everyone—her fanatic ex-husband, her spinster neighbor, the lesbian from down the hall, and even her boyfriend. But she is determined to stay one step ahead of the depraved killer!
Starring giallo’s ultimate scream queen, Edwige Fenech (STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER, HOSTEL: PART II), alongside George Hilton (THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH, THE CASE OF THE SCORPION’S TAIL) in their third collaboration together, “The Case of the Bloody Iris” is “pure giallo fun” (Mondo Digital). With its beautiful cinematography masterfully contrasted by its brutal violence, the film is every bit as exploitative and blood-spattered as it is sultry and salacious, turning it into “a luxuriant banquet of sumptuous visuals, sinister chills, and otherworldly beauty” (Deadshed).
A series of bonus features such as interview featurettes, a brand-new commentary track, an image gallery, newly transferred trailers, and more accompany the release. The movie is presented in its original Italian language with newly translated subtitles, as well as an English dub.
Bonus Features:
Reversible cover, featuring the original Italian and English title of the movie
(NEW) Commentary Track by film critic Guido Henkel
(NEW) “Drops of Giallo” Interview Featurette with Ernesto Gastaldo and Giuliano Carnimeo
“Flowers of Blood” Interview Featurette with George Hilton
“Marylin” Interview Featurette with Paola Quattrini
(NEW) Outtake Reel
Image Gallery
English Trailer in 4K resolution
Italian Trailer in 4K resolution
New 2023 4K ultra-high definition Master sourced from 4K scan of the original negative!
2-disc combo containing a Blu-ray Disc and 4K UHD version of the movie
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Run Time: 94 minutes
Subtitles: Newly translated English, English SDH
Audio Specs: Italian - DTS HD Mono, English - DTS HD Mono
For more information, visit the Celluloid Dreams website at
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