FROM.BEYOND: Watch Fredrik Hana's Experimental Sci-fi Horror

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FROM.BEYOND: Watch Fredrik Hana's Experimental Sci-fi Horror
It's life Jim, but not as we know it. 
True, that line above was never spoken in ST:TOS but it still holds water here. What if alien life was not little green men from Mars or Roswell Greys but something biologically more terrifying to look at?
We have been long, long time fans of Fredrik Hana's work. The Norwegian filmmaker never ceases to amaze us and disturb our senses with their short film work. They are back with another film, their award-wnning 2022 short, From.Beyond
From.Beyond is an experimental short film consisting of different perspectives, referencing genres like science fiction, horror and found footage, a kaleidoscope vision portraying mankind's first meeting with alien life.
What would be our first step in dealing with the unknown?
What would be the last?
When we were asked to share From.Beyond with you today Hana's latest short was described to us as, "... like if Gaspar Noe and Harmony Korine’s bastard love child made an alien invasion film". It's part experimental, part faux-doc, part body and sci-fi horror, uh, it's a lot of things.
All of it makes up for a engrossing and unsettling experience. Totally worth your time. 
Check it out below Hana's own words about their film.
"From.Beyond" was inspired by a lot of things. I think it started with my memories of falling into dark pits on the internet in the mid 90s as a kid, and all of the sleepless nights that followed. My very first meetings with footage and images that felt truly forbidden and cursed.
Somehow these childhood mini-traumas snuck their way into my thought process on wanting to create something within the found-footage genre. With "From.Beyond", I wanted to make a film that captured the feeling of gazing up at the night sky, a pure sense of wonder and awe, hammered to death by the messiness and horrors of humanity.
I wanted to use found footage sensibilities to tell a global story, visualized as a mixtape of different formats and perspectives. Lastly, I wanted to make a film that gave me and the crew a space to experiment with storytelling and aesthetics in a way that opened up the filmmaking process.
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