THE HERD Trailer: Coming to U.S. Theaters And Digital/VOD in October

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THE HERD Trailer: Coming to U.S. Theaters And Digital/VOD in October
When Jamie Miller and her wife, Alex Kanai, try to save their failing marriage by going on a canoe trip in rural Missouri, they find themselves stranded after an accident. Alex breaks her leg during a canoe flip and they must slowly make their way to the nearest small town for help. Upon arriving they find it has been overrun by virus-infected “Heps” and extreme right wing local militias who are battling them.
The leader of one of the groups, "Big John Gruber", shuttles them to safety at his bunker where they are welcomed by a seemingly friendly group of locals, but after witnessing personal and gruesome horrors, the women know they must escape.
Jamie and Alex now find themselves on the run, caught between the group that saved them, a competing militia, and the growing infected Hep threat.
Steven Pierce's horror flick, Herd, is coming to cinemas and digital/VOD next month. Distributor Dark Sky Films have sent out the trailer for the flick today. You will find it below the annoucement and a list of theaters playing Herd, followed by the digital and VOD releases. 
Herd had its world premiere at FrightFest and will premiere domestically at New York Comic Con on October 12th, 2023.
New Zombie Film Offers More Than Just Scares and Thrills
In Theaters + on Digital/VOD October 13th
Special Screening + Panel at New York Comic Con October 12th
"It has been 38 years since anything has shaken up the genre quite like Herd." - EYE FOR FILM
Using film as his medium, Director Steven Pierce made it his mission to explore what can happen when small, insular communities come into conflict with larger society. In his multilayered film HERD, a woman trying to outrun her past ends up trapped between a zombie outbreak and warring militia groups while back in her hometown and must fight for love and survival.
With a blistering pace that never lets up, HERD examines how group-think or “herd-thinking” drives otherwise normal people to incredible and sometimes heinous acts. It updates the horror genre while satisfying the needs of the dedicated horror audience.
Theatrical / Special Screenings:
Midnight Theater - New York, NY: October 12th
New York Comic Con Screening: October 12th
Screenland Cinemas - Kansas City: October 13th
Rogers Theatre- Poplar Bluff:: October 20th
Digital: October 13th (all of the below)
iTunes / AppleTV
Google Play
Microsof Movies & TV
Prime Video
Cable VOD: October 13th (all of the below)
DirecTV U-Verse

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