AWARENESS Official Trailer: Spanish Sci-fi Action Flick Coming to Amazon Prime in October

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AWARENESS Official Trailer: Spanish Sci-fi Action Flick Coming to Amazon Prime in October
The official trailer for Daniel Benmayor's Spanish sci-fi action flick Awareness came out today. The film debuts on Oct 11th on Prime Video after it screens at the Sitges film festival. 
This is for fans of sci-fi action flicks. A lot of it looks very familiar and follows similar beats from other sci-fi properties that have come before it. It will be intersting to see what Benmayor has done to make his stand out from the crowd. It does look like it has a good chunk of action in it. We will check it out just for that alone.
Now, the fine folks at Amazon Prime Video sent out an English dub version of the trailer because we liver where we live. Quite frankly the dub blows chunks. So we've also tracked down the Spanish language version from the Amazon Prime Video Espana site. It doesn't have subtitles y mi epsanol es muy malo, but I prefer it this way. 
Pick you poison below. 
Today, Prime Video released the official trailer for the highly anticipated Spanish Original sci-fi film Awareness directed by Daniel Benmayor (Xtremo, Tracers, Bruc) and starring Carlos Scholz (Toy Boy, Feria: La luz más oscura), Pedro Alonso (Money Heist, El ministerio del tiempo), María Pedraza (Toy Boy, Élite), Óscar Jaenada (Operación Marea Negra, Hernán) and Lela Loren (American Gods, Altered Carbon). Awareness will be screened during the Sitges Film Festival and will premiere on October 11 exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide as part of the Amazon Prime subscription.
Ian, a rebellious teenager living on the outskirts of society, can manipulate minds with his ability to generate visual illusions. He uses this power to survive running small, indiscreet, scams. When one of his cons goes awry, his abilities publicly spiral out of control and Ian becomes the target of two rival organizations, each seeking to exploit his powers.
Awareness is produced by Federation Spain, led by Juan Solá and Nacho Manubens, with Mark Albela as executive producer and Dbenma Content with Daniel Benmayor as producer and director. Benmayor is also in charge of the script alongside Iván Ledesma.
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