PIAFFE: New Trailer & Poster

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PIAFFE: New Trailer & Poster

Certainly one of the odder films to have played the festival circiut in the past year, the story of a shy woman who finds sexual release and a new identity expression when she grows a horse's tail is at once understated and open. As I wrote in my review when I saw the film at Sitges, this 'tale' might seem off-putting at first, but it has a heart that grows from pleasantly warm to a surrounding fire, as the character explores her newfound freedom of sensuality.

Introverted and unqualified, Eva (Simone Bucio) is unexpectedly tasked with foleying the sound for a commercial featuring a horse. As she slowly acclimates to the new job, her obsession with creating the perfect equine sounds grows into something more tangible. Eva harnesses this new physicality, becoming more confident and empowered, and lures an unassuming botanist into an intriguing game of submission.

Piaffe is set for theatrical release shortly, in New York at Quad Cinema starting August 25th, and Los Angeles at Landmark's Nuart Theatre on September 15th. Check out the poster and trailer below.

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