BOOGEYMAN: THE ORIGIN OF THE MYTH: Rebranded Spanish Youth Horror Sold in North America, Market Premiere at Cannes Next Week

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BOOGEYMAN: THE ORIGIN OF THE MYTH: Rebranded Spanish Youth Horror Sold in North America, Market Premiere at Cannes Next Week
From the mysterious disappearances of several children in a small town, a group of teenagers discover that the terrifying legend of The Bogeyman is real…
Towards the end of 2022 we brought word of a new Spanish youth horror called El hombre del saco (The Bag Man). Directed by Ángel Gómez Hernández and starring horror icon Javier Botet as the titular boogeyman the film has since done a bit of rebranding. 
Now known at The Boogeyman: The Origin of the Myth the horror flick will have its market premiere at Marche du Film during Cannes on May 22nd. Ours friends at the newly minted Fantastic Pavilion are hosting the screening as part of their program this year. 
Today comes word, ahead of its market presence, that The Boogeyman has already been sold to pretty much all of the Americas. Mexico based genre distribution company Manticora have taken all the rights for Latin America, USA and Canada. Amazon Prime have locked down the Spanish SVOD rights and Free TV rights have gone to Antena 3 (in Portugal?). 
Teaser artwork was passed along to mark the occasion. The official announcement follows. See it in the gallery below.
FILMSHARKS picked up Worldwide sales from one of the most awaited Spain’s fantasy/horror films of the 2023. From the director of the international smash hit VOCES (Don't Listen), comes Ángel Gómez Hernández new feature film titled The Boogeyman: The Origin of the Myth, written by Juma Fodde (You shall not sleep; Ferocious Wolf), Ignacio García Cucucovich Ángel Gómez Hernández (Voces) and  Gustavo Hernández (The Silent House). The film is produced by: Ignacio García Cucucovich, Álvaro Ariza Tirado, María Luisa Gutierrez and co-produced by Francisco Cordero & Ricardo Coeto. 
In a deal negotiated at the Fantastic Pavilion in Cannes, one the hottest genre distribution companies of the Americas, MANTÍCORA took all rights for LATAM, USA and CANADA in a 6 figure deal that was negotiated by José Luis Mejía Razo from MANTÍCORA and Guido Rud, Federico Pascua and Matias Fontenla of FILMSHARKS. Also Spanish SVOD Rights were locked with Amazon Prime Video and Free TV rights with Antena 3.  The film is gonna have its Cannes premiere at the FANTASTIC PAVILION Galas on May 22nd 20h30 at Cinema Olympia 3.
Guido Rud of Filmsharks says, "We are honored that Manticora’s team detected this cinematic gem before anyone else as they are the right fit for this kind of quality cinema in the Americas".
José Luis Mejía Razo from Manticora said, "Knowing Filmshark’s great taste in iberoamerican genre films and the stunning filmography of the team behind Boogeyman: The Origin of the Myth, it was an easy decision for us to jump on board. We can’t wait to bring this amazing project to the audiences in the Americas".
Producer Ignacio García Cucucovich commented, "As a producer and fan of genre films, I dedicate myself to researching and developing scary stories, and if they are popular and universal, much better. We realized that El Hombre del Saco or El Viejo de la Bolsa — as he is known in the Río de la Plata, where I come from — is based on a character that actually existed in Andalusia, Spain, and spread throughout the world. . We had all the ingredients!! For me it is wonderful to work with producers like Álvaro Ariza and Mª Luisa Gutiérrez to get it going and do justice to the myth. If we add a wonderful artistic team, led by Ángel Gómez and seconded by Juma Fodde Roma, we take this story to another level.
We are very happy to launch this film to the international market by the hand of FILMSHARKS since their vast experience and scope will allow us to make it a success. We believe that we have a great product on our hands and it seems to us an excellent starting point for an IP that is inexhaustible. The ideas are many, prequel sequel, even television series".
Lastly, from director Angel Gomez Hernandez.  "For its director, who returns to the genre after the great reception of his surprising and successful debut film "Voces", the legendary and nightmarish character "symbolizes the fear that we all felt as children when it was time to go to sleep." With “EL HOMBRE DEL SACO.El origen del mito”, Ángel Gómez wants to recover “that chill of believing that in a dark corner of our room there was someone watching us. That haunting, inescapable feeling of any child who, after having misbehaved, believes with certainty that a terrifying monster is coming to take him away.”
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