PACIFICO Promo Teaser: LatAm Sci-Fi Thriller up For Pre-Sales at Cannes

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PACIFICO Promo Teaser: LatAm Sci-Fi Thriller up For Pre-Sales at Cannes
A promo teaser for an upcoming Spanish language sci-fi thriller called Pacifico has been passed along to us. Produced in part by our friends at Filmsharks this will be one of the promos shown to prospective buyers at Marche du Film next month as Pacifico heads into pre-sales. 
Gonzalo Gutierrez 'G.G.' is making his feature film debut on this project. He has a lengthy history in visual effects, most recently he was the effects supervisor on Alejandro Hidalgo’s The Exorcism of God. We will say that the most hopeful thing we see is not in the promo itself but in one of the pictures below. Is that a practical creature effect there? 
The Colombian/Argentine co-production is now in post and will look for a debut at the end of the year or beginning of 2024. It boasts being the biggest Spanish language sci-fi thriller made to date with a budget of nearly $10 million U.S. Coming from the perspective of someone who has sat in their share of co-production events and heard entire auditoriums shift at asks for half of that this was quite a bit for anyone to undertake. So the stakes are high and as are hopes heading into pre-sales for the pic. 
Check out the promo and a pair of stills below the announcement.
FilmSharks is starting pre-sales now and shall share in CANNES 2023 footage/promos for  “PACIFICO” (“Pacific”), a high profile project and the biggest Sci-Fi/Thriller Spanish language film ever made to date with a budget of nearly US$ 10M. Pacifco is now in post-production, and was directed by red hot Latam helmer Gonzalo Gutierrez 'G.G.'. The Colombian-Argentine co-production was set with a top tier Mexican, U.S. Hispanic and Colombian cast. It shall be delivered during 4Q 2023/1Q 2024.
PACIFICO dips into ancient South American lore as it turns on a group of young travelers who are stranded on a Pacific island where they face an alien presence kept secret by the natives for centuries.
Director Gonzalo Gutierrez 'G.G.'  has worked on several international major hits in VFX , and after his int’l sensation short “UNDERLAND “ he became a sensation director (like the case of Fede Alvarez with his short). He is now in production of big budget animation feature film titled “Giants of La Mancha” with Carlos Kotkin (Rio 2).
Starring the hottest cast in US HISPANIC, MEXICAN and LATIN AMERICAN cast: Manolo Cardona (Undertow, The Snitch Cartel, Who Killed Sara?, Narcos), Maria Gabriela de Faria (The Exorcism of God, “IsaTKM”, Deadly Class), Ricardo Abarca (Que Culpa Tiene el Niño Cumbia Ninja, Miss Bala), Christopher Von Uckermann (Rebelde, Kdabra, How to Break Up with Your Douchebag) Claudio Cataño (“ Thousand Fangs”,  “2091”) & Maria Nela Sinisterra (Corazon de Leon).
The soundtrack for PACIFICO was recorded by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Wellington. Sound engineer John Neill of Peter Jackson’s Park Road Studio is serving as recording producer and score mixer, putting the film at the highest international level. Park Road hosted the recording of the film’s theme song “I won’t let you go” by Kiwi singer-composer Caii-Michelle Baker who collaborated with Argentinian music composer Pablo Borghi to record the film’s feature score, with its lyrics in Spanish, Maori and English.
PACIFICO was produced by Mauricio Brunetti’s Patagonia Films/Sinema and Guido Rud’s FilmSharks ( Ferocious Wolf; Dalia and the Red Book. The film was partially funded by Colombian film entity Proimagenes and the Argentine film institute INCAA. It was shot at a location in the Colombian capital of Bogota as well as Colombia’s coastal region of Choco and its jungles along the Pacific coast and now in post-production in Buenos Aires.
Producer Mauricio Brunetti said, “When this project started it was with the conviction that PACIFICO is the beginning of a new way of making high quality genre films, which will show what we are capable of doing in Latin America by bringing together the best artistic elements”.
Director Gonzalo Gutierrez 'G.G.' said. “I strongly believe that PACIFICO is very likely to be a “before” and “after” in the latín american genre cinema”.
Producer Guido Rud said, “I met GG almost 15 years ago and we worked on financing his first feature film project. I knew he was going to shine as a director and an artist and you can clearly see that in PACIFICO.  Now we are working on the VFX to deliver the picture by the end of the year, but this is one of those films that gets sold-out before you even have the delivery of the materials because everybody is chasing it now”.
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