THE LAST HERETIC Trailer: Daniel de la Vega's New Horror Flick Coming This Year

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THE LAST HERETIC Trailer: Daniel de la Vega's New Horror Flick Coming This Year
Juan Conte is a successful author of books about atheism. A heart transplant will save his life, but it will also lead him into a journey of horror and pain, in which his vision of reality will be put to the test. He falls prey to fanaticism and becomes prisoner of madness. 
We are very excited to finally share with you the first trailer for Daniel de la Vega's new horror flick, The Last Heretic.
Wait, finally?
Under a not-so-strict order/understanding to not talk about it lest we piss off our friends at Del Toro Films we first laid eyes on it before The Last Heretic went to market prior to the Christmas holidays. We've been chomping at the bit to share it with you since then. And here we are. 
It is a crazy and beautiful collage of images and moments that don't make sense as a whole and we kind of love it for that. If anything, it is just as unpredictable as it's director has proven to be throughout his filmography. And how about those final shots at the end there? Amazing! 
We're really looking forward to seeing how de la Vega hoodwinks us with this one. Del Toro Films and Furia Films will be announcing festival dates for The Last Heretic as the year progresses.
Del Toro Films presents first trailer of their new thriller “The Last Heretic”,
the new film directed by Daniel de la Vega.
In one minute and thirty seconds, your first glance at the new film of renowned director Daniel de la Vega (On The 3rd Day, White Coffin) catches, intrigues and can even leave some viewers breathless. 
From the producer which created The Funeral Home, Don’t Come Back Alive, Del Toro Films teams up again with Furia Films for The Last Heretic. The two companies have already created together Necrophobia, White Coffin and I am Toxic. All these titles should sound familiar to genre fans since they’ve been players at top genre film festivals and have been released in many territories. 
This film is one of the titles by Del Toro Films that will reach audiences this year. With no dates attached to the presentation of this trailer, keep an eye on their updates to know when the film will see the light. 
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