Sundance 2023: The Big Festival Preview

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It was a very different world the last time the indie film industry gathered in chilly Park City for the Sundance Film Festival way back in 2020. Two online editions have come and gone, and it's oh so pleasing to look forward to boarding a plane tomorrow to head back for the in-person festival. And BONUS! The online version has mostly remained. If you are feeling SnoFoMo, you can just head on over to the Sundance site and watch many of the movies at the fest. We've endeavored to mention in the preview below which films are not available -- so assume if it isn't listed then you can watch (if you're in the USA, that is). On to the preview...

In My Mother's Skin
Ma director Kenneth Dagatan is back with this WW2 Philippines-set tale of a young girl who falls under a flesh-eating fairy's evil spell. Like a lot of the midnight section, it seems, this one is unfortunately not available online.


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