HELL HOLE: New Horror Flick From HELLBENDER's John Adams And Toby Poser in Production

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HELL HOLE: New Horror Flick From HELLBENDER's John Adams And Toby Poser in Production
Here's something to keep an eye out for, an American-Serbian coproduction called Hell Hole. Production began a few weeks ago, just before Christmas, on Rtanj Mountain in the Serbian Carpathians. It's southeast of Belgrada and appreciated for its pyramidal shape apparently. 
Geography and montology lesson over let's move on to the important stuff and it is hella important. Hell Hole is being made by members of the Adams Family. No, not the double 'D' family but the beloved Adams family who have made a name for themselves in independant horror with movies like Hellbender and The Deeper You Dig.
THAT Adams family. 
The discovery by a fracking crew of a living French soldier from the campaigns of Napoleon in an isolated valley leads to misunderstandings that unleash a dormant monster in the French host. With the crew trapped on the mountain and questioning who to trust, the monster runs rampant searching for a new perfect host. FNE.com
Hell Hole was written John Adams and Toby Poser who are directing and starring in it, of course. They are joined by Max Portham, Olivera Peruničić, Aleksandar Trmčić, Petar Arsić, Bruno Veljanovski, Marko Vučković, Joana Knežević and Ivan Đorđević.
As stated earlier, this is an American-Serbian coproduction made under the banner Blood and Honey Pictures. That was launched by Miloš Đukelić from Serbia's Red Production to undertake production of small independent horror films. Filming will wrap up at the end of the month and head into post there in Serbia. 
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