PROJECT WOLF HUNTING: New Trailer Scratches The Surface of This Brutal, Bloody Action Flick

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PROJECT WOLF HUNTING: New Trailer Scratches The Surface of This Brutal, Bloody Action Flick
Hold on to your butts, Project Wolf Hunting is coming next February. Strangely enough this absolute beast of an action film is being released on Digital, Blu-ray™ and DVD on February 14th from Well Go USA Entertainment. 
Yes, if you love hyper-violent action films this Valentine's Day the folks at Well Go USA Entertainment will give you the biggest beating heart - still beating after its been freshly torn out of someone's chest. Indeed Project Wolf Hunting is that brutal. 
This new trailer is just a taste of what is to come. Having seen the flick I kind of don't want you to watch the trailer because it does go through a lot of the plot points and big reveals that happen as the bloody chaos moves along. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things - they're pretty much tropes of the genre - but if you like that element of WTF with your Holy Shit then try waiting until Project Wold Hunting's release on February 14th. 
PROJECT WOLF HUNTING, the “antes-raised, safety’s off, no-holds-barred action cocktail” that is “like an adrenaline shot between the eyes” (IGN), debuts on Digital, Blu-ray™ and DVD February 14 from Well Go USA Entertainment. 
During transport, a group of hardened criminals stages a jailbreak that quickly escalates into a bloody, all-out riot. As the fugitives exact their brutal terror campaign onboard the ship, something even more terrifying emerges from below. 
The action-packed thriller from director Kim Hong-Sun (Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area) stars Seo In-guk (The Master’s Sun, Hello Monster), Jang Dong-yoon (Search, Mr. Sunshine), Choi Guy-hwa (Train to Busan, The Wailing), Sung Dong-il (The Cursed, The Great Battle), Park Ho-san (The Call, Prison Playbook) and Jung So-min (Alchemy of Souls).  
PROJECT WOLF HUNTING features an all-new English dub, along with bonus content including “Behind the Scenes” and “Making the Alpha” featurettes.
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