Fantasia 2022: Watch The Trailer For Inquisition Horror Short Film EL SEMBLANTE

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Fantasia 2022: Watch The Trailer For Inquisition Horror Short Film EL SEMBLANTE
Spain. Year 1692. The Holy Inquisition enters a long decline and, as a reaction, its servants are more ruthless than ever. An inquisitor has spent years searching for the perfect torture device that captures the purest face of pain and thus show the world the terrible consequences of serving the Devil. His engineer's new invention, "El Semblante", a terrifying torture chair, looks set to do just that. But Elena, the inventor's daughter, has other plans...
With the full lineup of feature and short films announced for this year's edition of the Fantaisa International Film Festival projects are going to start enticing you to check out their wares this year. 
El Semblante, a horror short from directors Raúl Cerezo and Carlos Moriana has connections to other films we've covered in the past and will play at this year's festival as well. Raúl Cerezo is one of the co-directors of La pasajera (The Passenger) and The Elderly, a new horror flick who's inclusion in the festival was just announced this morning.
Check out the trailer down below and keep an eye out for El Semblante and The Elderly at the festival next month. 
A study of pain...
A vintage job...
A sadistic enjoyment...
A new horror movie...
The short film EL SEMBLANTE, directed by Raúl Cerezo and Carlos Moriana, will participate on Saturday, July 15, in the Official Competition Section of the Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious genre festivals in the world, whose 26th edition will have place from July 14 to August 3.
EL SEMBLANTE, shot in the emblematic charterhouse of Talamanca del Jarama (Madrid) in December 2021, is a story that stems from Raúl Cerezo's obsession with the inquisition's instruments of torture. "20 years ago I attended the Museum of Toledo and I was fascinated by so much ingenuity created to produce torture and pain. Several versions of the script were written and it stayed in the drawer because there was no way to find the necessary financing," he explains.
Twelve years later, the production company that Cerezo founded with Helion Ramalho, Eye Slice Pictures, was joined by several investors, "...above all, Carlos Moriana, with whom I direct the work. Javier Trigales, a regular writer for the production company, entered the script , and the dream of bringing EL SEMBLANTE to the big screen became a reality with the budget that the work requested", concludes the co-director (along with Fernando González Gómez) of the feature films La Pasadena and Viejos. The latter has also been selected by the Montreal Fantasia festival.
After receiving no less than no less than 13 nominations at the Fugaz Awards (including the categories of best short film, direction and screenplay) and winning four of them on June 21, EL SEMBLANTE is in luck as it will also opt for the Faro de Plata, the award granted by the L'Alfàs del Pi International Film Festival for more than three decades, since it has been selected along with 22 other works to participate in the Official Competition Section of its 34th edition to be held from 2 to July 10 in the city of Alicante.

El Semblante (Facies) | Official Trailer HD | Eye Slice (2022) from Eye Slice Pictures on Vimeo.

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