BLACK FRIDAY Trailer: Deck the Mall With Bruce Campbell, Devon Sawa And Tons of Zombies

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BLACK FRIDAY Trailer: Deck the Mall With Bruce Campbell, Devon Sawa And Tons of Zombies

Director Casey Tebo just made the holiday season terrifying (in a good way) for legions of horror fans. Today, on his Twitter feed, he gave them a huge surprise; a new trailer for his upcoming Screen Media zombie flick, Black Friday and a first look at the movie poster featuring stars, Bruce Campbell, Devon Sawa, Ivana Baquero, Michael Jai White and Ryan Lee.

For anyone that has ever worked retail on that dreaded day of the year, regular customers can be challenging but alien parasite infected ones can be downright horrifying. Unfortunately, the employees of We Love Toys are going to find out just how frightening the busiest shopping day in the world can be.

In the trailer, we are introduced to store manager, Jonathan (Campbell) whose booming voice is heard over the store p.a. system. He is addressing his “troops” to get them psyched for the kickoff of the shopping holiday season. Of course, his employees are definitely not feeling the Christmas spirit, in fact, they are preparing by adding a little “adult beverage” to their coffees.

Meanwhile, outside We Love Toys, the frenzied crowd is banging on the windows and doors demanding to be let in. Devon Sawa’s Ken is the veteran of this craze filled consumer event. Tasked with teaching a new guy the ropes and trying to ensure his after work date for pancakes is on with co-worker, Marnie (Baquero) it seems like just another moment in paradise for this jaded crew.

All of that is about to change when Chris (Lee) notices a zombie hovering behind one of the displays. Game on as the harrowed employees contend with the infected minions invading their territory. It’s all hands-on deck as they band together to survive the teeming hordes.

Campbell Friday 2.jpg

Expect creative kills featuring a wide array of power tools and other “weapons” to be utilized. Fans of Sawa and Campbell will not be disappointed. As a matter of fact, the iconic Evil Dead actor may have another catchphrase to add to his lexicon, “Black Friday is over!”

Black Friday will be released in theaters on November 19 and on VOD on November 23. Remember, “Don’t let the holidays eat you alive!”

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