THE SACRED SPIRIT Teaser: A Cryptic And Weird Taste of Chema García Ibarra's Feature Film Debut

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THE SACRED SPIRIT Teaser: A Cryptic And Weird Taste of Chema García Ibarra's Feature Film Debut
It has been some time since we've talked about Spanish director Chema García Ibarra. Fearing we have lost touch with Ibarra forever color us surprised when we find out that he has a feature film called Sacred Spirit and that it will have its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival.
García Ibarra’s awaited feature debut, “Sacred Spirit” blends local detail and dystopian surrealism, following José Manuel and the other members of a Spanish Ufology association -UFO-Levante- who meet weekly to exchange information about extra-terrestrial messages and alien abductions.
Julio, their leader, dies unexpectedly, leaving José Manuel as the only person who knows about the cosmic secret that could change the future of humankind. Meanwhile, Spain searches for a girl who disappeared weeks ago. Variety
Word comes today from Variety that Athens-based sales group Heretic have picked up the worldwide sales rights. Even better is that the announcement came with a teaser trailer which you can watch down below. Very cryptic, it says nothing, and I think that's the way we want it. 
“We are thrilled to be representing the debut of Chema García Ibarra, a fresh and talented voice, who will undoubtedly stand out in the new wave of films coming from Spain,” said  Ioanna Stais, head of sales and acquisitions at Athens-based Heretic.
“He delivers a film that builds an intriguing and mysterious narrative, which finds a way to punch you in the stomach when you least expect it. It is a visually stunning film, narrated in the most skillful and unexpected way,” she added. Variety

The Sacred Spirit - Espíritu Sagrado from Chema García Ibarra on Vimeo.

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