BAD FACE Teaser: New Horror/Thriller Short Hitting The Circuit Soon, From Daniel Louis Rivas

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BAD FACE Teaser: New Horror/Thriller Short Hitting The Circuit Soon, From Daniel Louis Rivas
Latinx actor and New York native Daniel Louis Rivas is making his directorial debut with a short film called Bad Face. The short film will be going on a festival circuit run soon and Rivas was told by a mutal friend that he should pass along information about his first film. So we have a teaser and some images to share with you today. Rivas keeps good company apparently so we have no trouble sharing that with you today.
Rivas co-wrote his short film with Rebecca Swan during the lockdown. Swan herself wrote a couple of John Carpenter's Masters of Horror episodes back in the day. Yeah, both have had their share of experiences in Hollywood over the years and are putting that knowledge to good use for this new short. 
Latinx Actor and artist Daniel Louis Rivas, (Junkie, NCIS, Altamont Now, American Crime), is set to make his directorial debut with the horror/thriller short film Bad Face. The film stars Rivas, Andoni Gracia (The Flash) and Nina Kate (Guilty Party).
The short is about the pandemic. Dave (Rivas) is a skittish, germ-phobic courier of illegally obtained vaccines. One night in a sketchy motel room while waiting for his mysterious buyer to arrive, Dave experiences mind-altering, reality-bending symptoms he believes is from the deadly virus.
Rebecca Swan, the first Transgender writer of a produced theatrical horror movie, co-wrote this short film with Rivas during the 2020 lockdown. Rebecca is the co-screenwriter of John Carpenter's two Masters of Horror episodes: Cigarette Burns and Pro-Life.
The film was produced by Charisse Sanzo (Junkie) and Associate Producer, editor and composer Greg Young (Prescription Thugs).
Rivas said of the film, “It was a not so silent cry for help made with punk rock aesthetics, fueled by the internal and external pandemonium of Covid-mania and the uncertainty of our future. It serves as a meditation on humanity’s need for hope under grim circumstances.” A feature film version of short is currently being developed. 
The teaser, poster and stills are revealed here, prior to hitting the festival film circuit.

Bad Face Teaser from greg young on Vimeo.

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