Blood Window Joins Ibermedia in Search For Genre Projects in 2021

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Blood Window Joins Ibermedia in Search For Genre Projects in 2021
We are always on the lookout for programs or groups whose focus is helping genre filmmakers get their films made. In an always appreciating effort to promote Ibero-American genre film this announcement from my friends at Blood Window caught my attention so we are sharing it with you. 
Ibermedia is a program created to foster the co-production of feature films and documentaries made in Latin America from twenty-one countries. Those countries include  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala,  Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. From Europe they support programs and encourage co-productions from Spain, Italy and Portugal. 
Since the program began in '98 Ibermedia has supported nearly 950 co-productions over 29 events. Not all of that is genre or fantastic cinema related but if someone were to boost the signal, so to speak, when is an increase in genre production ever a bad thing? Enter Blood Window and their participation with Ibermedia this year
All submissions responding to the open call from Ibermedia that identify themselves as genre centric will be evaluated by a committee from Blood Window. 
Who said fear? Ibermedia immerses itself in the fantasy genre with the support of the Blood Window Industry program at Ventana Sur. 
Do you have a genre-film project? Do you recognize yourself within horror, science fiction or fantasy? Do you flirt with suspense, action, crime, or black comedy? Or maybe you combine all of the above? Do you have co-production company from an Ibero-American or Italian country to carry it out? Then this news may interest you.
The Ibermedia Program and Blood Window have come together to promote the co-production of Ibero-American genre-film projects. A collaboration aimed at favoring the financing of these projects through direct grants and putting them into circulation through the business forums and promotional activities developed by Blood Window program.
All projects that are submitted to the regular call of the Ibermedia Program and that belong to the fantasy genre in all its variants will be eligible. The projects to be considered by the Blood Window evaluation committee must indicate this by checking the corresponding box in the application. The evaluation of this committee is not exclusive of the general call.
Open call for entries 2021 for films in co-production, projects in development and Tv series
 Fantastic, don't you think?
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