LEGIONS: First Trailer Released, FilmSharks to Handle World Sales And Remake Rights For Argentine Horror

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LEGIONS:  First Trailer Released, FilmSharks to Handle World Sales And Remake Rights For Argentine Horror
Deadline reported yesterday that my friends at FilmSharks will handle worldwide sales and remake rights for a new Argentine horror flick, Legions, from filmmaker Fabien Forte. 
Legions is currently in post-production, yet a trailer was released from completed footage, which you will find below along with a collection of behind the scenes images sent to us by Forte and FilmSharks. Both will give you a sense of what Forte is doing here and also the neat practical effects they are using. Fun. 
Legions follows an incarcerated man who must summon his powers of sorcery to escape and rescue his daughter from danger. 
Cast includes Germán De Silva (Wild Tales), Lorena Vega (Tigre) and Ezequiel Rodriguez (Soy Luna). Genre specialist Coruya Cine is producing.
The film has been selected to the Fantaspoa co-production market and is a work in progress selection at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.
The filmmaker said, “Legions is a supernatural story that mixes different narrative lines and genres. The story is fantastic, and contains irony, humor and obviously the elements of the horror genre. These ingredients, plus strong and human characters, evil and imaginary beings (or perhaps not), the dizzying pace and the climates of tension create a product designed for a young audience, where adrenaline and humor are the support to tell a mystical and critical history of the modern world and the lack of beliefs.”
I met Forte at an asado when I was last in Argentina. Though we did not have much of an opportunity to connect that night we shared charred animal flesh and cola y fernet so I figured that made it okay to reach out to him for additional thoughts on the news and his film. Because I could.
With Legions I had the joy of making a horror movie, fantasy and humor like those movies that I loved so much as a kid and that made me a filmmaker. There is a lot of cinema from the 80s, 90s, and also a very localist story that makes the movie breathe differently. We are very excited about it .
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