SAME BOAT: Watch The Opening Scene And Clips From The Time-Traveling Rom-Com

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SAME BOAT: Watch The Opening Scene And Clips From The Time-Traveling Rom-Com
A cruise is supposed to be a wonderful experience. Supposed to be. But what if you are a time-traveling assassin on a cruise ship? Pratically there's not a lot of places to run if you're found out. There's that. But the same goes for your target. 
Chris Roberti's film, Same Boat, wonders if you're said time-traveling assassin and worse, you fall for your target. Egads! 
Same Boat is coming to On Demand on April 7th and ScreenAnarchy has two clips and the opening scene from the movie. Check them out below. 
A time-traveling assassin finds himself on a cruise ship, where he falls for the women he’s supposed to kill, in Same Boat – coming this April from Dark Star Pictures!
James is a time travelling assassin from the 28th century sent to 2018 to kill a woman, but when his intern gets sick and he loses his paperwork he has some time to kill, so to speak, while enjoying the cruise he accidentally falls in love with the woman he's supposed to kill. Same Boat is a film about duty, love, friendship, and how kindness is more powerful than destruction.
Also of interest is that Same Boat was shot in complete secrecy during an actual cruise. That alone should be of interest to viewers. 
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