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IndieFlix rapidly expands existing offline community screenings to online community platform

Ryan Davis
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IndieFlix rapidly expands existing offline community screenings to online community platform
With social distancing becoming our new norm due to COVID-19, IndieFlix maintains that social and community engagement can still thrive. IndieFlix is committed to bringing quality online solutions to schools, organizations, and corporations immediately to help support communities during this time of uncertainty.  

Says CEO and Founder Scilla Andreen, "Our popular film-based programs that help build community and open up conversations in thousands of schools, corporations and organizations around the world are now available as an online tool, and access can be delivered to every student and employee’s inbox. IndieFlix's previously community-based offline screenings model reached 30-70% of a community population; now we can reach nearly 100%."

IndieFlix's programs on anxiety, digital wellness, effects of social media, sexual harassment and mental health include interactive “test-your-knowledge” quizzes, digital pre-taped and live Q&A’s, as well as discussion guides and tip sheets. The programs are affordable, easy to implement, and can help institutions reach their community in a meaningful way.

Like all of the company's film based programs, the new documentary NEVERTHELESS is now available via IndeFlix's Online Community Screening platform to meet the needs of those in isolation. People at home can now affordably access this important documentary, as well as participate in related interactive materials and discussions.  

Taking a look behind the headlines of #MeToo and Time’s Up, NEVERTHELESS follows the intimate stories of 7 individuals who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace or school context. From a writer's assistant on a top TV show to a Tech CEO and 911 dispatcher, the film shines a light on the ways in which we can shift our culture and rebuild. 

“It’s important to be uncomfortable at times in order to do this work well,” said Director Sarah Moshman. “Collectively, these are the stories that are so unbelievably important to tell in order for change to happen and I am so grateful for all of these people being willing to share their pain and triumphs with us, and inspired by their bravery and courage. There is a hunger for this content and this discussion world-wide and I believe that there can be no shortage of dialogue surrounding this, and I sincerely hope NEVERTHELESS adds to that landscape.”

Major themes in the film include sexual harassment, gender-based violence, privilege, intersectionality, toxic masculinity, socialization of children, the legal system, the transgender experience, and much more. 

Nevertheless Trailer from Sarah Moshman on Vimeo.

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