Frontières: Executive Director Lindsay Peters Exits After Six Years

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Frontières: Executive Director Lindsay Peters Exits After Six Years
Well. This is not how we expected to start our weekend. Lindsay Peters, the executive director of Frontières, has decided to step down from leading the genre industry platform that has helped over five dozen genre films get the resources they need to get made and distributed. 
We will let the press release speak for her, I can only say that I am deeply grateful to Lindsay for allowing myself and ScreenAnarchy to participate in Frontières during her tenure. No other co-production market has opened their doors as wide to myself and the other Anarchists, Izzy and Josh, who have covered the market and its programs in recent years.
I often felt like an outsider while there, the monkey with a typewriter who could only hammer away at his keyboard, sharing all his thoughts on the projects each year. But even recently with the upcoming release of We Summon The Darkness I was reminded by one of its producers that we were there first, talking about his project. Thanks to Lindsay and her team, we were able to be a part of that. 
We eagerly await word on what Lindsay moves on to next.
Lindsay Peters, the executive director of the distinguished genre industry platform Frontières, announces her decision to depart following six years at the helm effective as of April 2020. 
“After six years leading Frontières, and much consideration I have come to the difficult decision to depart the organization as of April 2nd,” Lindsay Peters says in statement. “My decision has been made particularly difficult by the many wonderful relationships I have been able to build with my invaluable team and amazing colleagues around the world. Through the efforts of my team I am so proud that Frontières now has over 40 films released onto the festival and theatrical-streaming circuits, with an additional 22 Frontières projects currently in production or post-production. The number of connections, partnerships, and collaborations we’ve helped make happen throughout the genre industry has been immensely rewarding and so important to myself and the team.” 
The multi-branched film industry outfit is organized through the Fantasia International Film Festival and launched in 2012 at the Montreal-based event with the inaugural co-production market, expanding over the years to include a European co-prod market at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival from 2014-2016, the Frontières Platform in Cannes programming stream at the Marché du Film and the annual Finance & Packaging Forum held itinerantly across Europe. 
In 2014 Peters took the helm of Frontières and, following the rapidly growing success of the market at Fantasia, built-up an incredibly strong international profile for the initiative which included major, game-changing partnerships with the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes beginning in 2016. In addition to the Platform in Cannes and the co-production market at Fantasia, also overseen and orchestrated by Peters was the Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum, which she led to successful editions in the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden.
“In the next few months I look forward to some exciting new career opportunities within the film industry which I look forward to sharing,” adds Peters. “In the meantime, the Frontières family will keep going strong throughout the industry. Endless thanks to you all for your help in making Frontières such a remarkable success story.”
Further announcements regarding Frontières will be made shortly.
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