Now Streaming: In PERFECT, Nightmares Fry Brains

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Now Streaming: In PERFECT, Nightmares Fry Brains

Nightmares come in many different colors.

Now streaming on Shudder . Also available on Shudder Canada.

Our own Rodney Perkins saw Perfect during SXSW last year and his review sums up its appeal nicely:

"Perfect is a phantasmagoric nightmare built upon psychedelic imagery and wild ideas. Playing out like a mind-fried riff on Altered States, this ambitious film is as impressive as it is confounding."

Shudder describes it thusly:

"Produced and scored by Flying Lotus and executive-produced by Steven Soderbergh, Perfect introduces Garrett Wareing as an emotionally-troubled young man. His mother sends him to a clinic, where modernist serenity whispers soothing promises of perfection. By planting plug and-play characteristics directly into his own body, he is relieved of his dark, twisted visions, but his body pays the price for purity of mind."

Garrett Wareing, Abbie Cornish, Courtney Eaton and Tao Okamoto star.

Summing up: "The narrative is opaque and at times," wrote Rodney Perkins. "It's kind of impenetrable. However, decoding the narrative is part of what makes Perfect such an engrossing experience."

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