OPERA MORTEM: Exclusive Trailer For Restored And Haunted 1973 Film

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OPERA MORTEM: Exclusive Trailer For Restored And Haunted 1973 Film
In a year of unearthed and cursed films another one has come to our attention after it was recovered by an Italian collector and restored for distribution. Screen Anarchy has an exclusive look at the new trailer for the 1973 cursed film Opera Mortem. Fari warning, footage in this trailer is indeed very extreme and pardon our French, fucked. 
David Fleas' film Opera Mortem can be called a number of things; Avant Garde, experimental, and likely Satanic. According to our sources they saw a clip of Opera Mortem when it was played at Sadique Master Festival in Paris, France. Then a fire broke out in the projection booth, delaying the following film's premiere by an hour. That is not the worst of it. According to reports people died because of screenings when the film was first shown in 1973.
Our sources tell us that while others have written about Opera Mortem that the article written over at Severed Cinema is the most accurate account of Fleas' film. Here are some excerpts from that article that help paint a dark but intersting picture.
Banned by many Theatres in England and notorious for its on-stage accidents, OPERA MORTEM even caused a riot at Nottingham’s Odeon Film Theatre in 1973, caused by rival productions of the film...
Four people died, including some who just happened to be walking past the theatre. Glass-and-bottle armed religious fans descended on Film Theatre Place, the two sides clashed and Fleas fled, never to return to England again...
The film vanished, and David Fleas passed away. Enter collector Giovanni Mele and his excursions around markets and places where gems hide amongst trash. He purchased a case filled with old films... One he watched happened to be Opera Mortem. Described as weird, trippy, filled with graphic blood, sex, and black magical ritualistic symbols, Giovanni knew he was onto something so tracked down David's son who seemed less than enthusiastic to speak about his late Pops and this film. The rights were sold and Giovanni begun the process of saving this film and also trying to find out more about the maker.
Distribution is being sought out for Opera Mortem. With unearthed, cursed films being a current trend in the horror community we would like to think that this will happen soon. Then again, do cinema insurance plans cover damage caused by cursed films? 

OPERA MORTEM: Official Trailer from Opera Mortem on Vimeo.

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