Cinequest 2019: Watch This Exclusive Clip From Thriller MINE 9

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Cinequest 2019: Watch This Exclusive Clip From Thriller MINE 9
Edward Mensore's sophomore feature film Mine 9 will have its world premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, California on Friday, March 8th. 
ScreenAnarchy has an exclusive clip to share with you. In it, it appears to be in the aftermath of the explosion which sets events in motion for the rest of the film. We have also included the trailer for a bit more context. Both are below. 
Mining country in Appalachia has been declared The Devilʼs Playground. A close-knit group of veteran miners, all friends and family, commence what would be a normal dayʼs work -- except today a rookie, the son of one of our veterans and the god-son of the Section Leader, joins them, 18 year-old Ryan.
With ever-growing safety concerns at the mine, Zeke (Section Leader and long time coal mining veteran), struggles with the correct course of action, weighing on one hand the safety of his men, and on the other, the need to earn a steady wage in an economically depressed region.
Today, however, fate takes matters into its own hands when a huge methane explosion rips through the mine. Smoke engulfs the men, forcing them to rely on nothing more than, brains, brawn and faulty self-rescuers (oxygen tanks that afford them one hour of air).
Mine 9 is the story of the struggle for survival against all odds; men trapped in hell as the result of exploitation, greed and circumstance.
Screening Dates
3Below Fri, Mar 8 7:00 PM
3Below Mon, Mar 11 7:05 PM
Century 20 Redwood City #17 Tue, Mar 12 6:15 PM
Century 20 Redwood City #2 Thu, Mar 14 5:00 PM
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