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"13: Fanboy" - Some fans love you to death - Seeking investors!

Kim Sřnderholm
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"13: Fanboy" - Some fans love you to death - Seeking investors!

"13: Fanboy" is quite a feat in horror, directed by Deborah Voorhees ("Friday the 13th: A New Beginning") while written by Joel Paul Reisig and Deborah Vorhees, boasts quite a few famous horror names among the cast: Corey Feldman, Kane Hodder, Judie Aronson, Thom Mathews, C.J. Graham, Jennifer Banko, Tracie Savage, Timothy Skyler Dunigan, Vincente DiSanti, Ron Sloan, Drew Leighty, Hayley Greenbauer, Donald Schell, Rachael Christenson and Brad M. Robinson - and maybe you! Yes, maybe you too can get involved? How you ask, well, let's leave it to the producers to explain:

We have now gone INDEMAND so people who couldn't contribute during the initial run can now help support the upcoming production of the film by securing some exclusive perks only available in this campaign! 
Some fans love you to death in this film about a fan, who hunts the women of the famous Friday the 13th franchise.
Friday the 13th has a passionate fan base that has been waiting for almost a decade for another installment. With the lawsuit between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham still not resolved a new film isn't likely for several more years, but we have a solution for your much needed fix. 
Our horror thriller brings your favorite Friday the 13th actors back to the big screen in an entirely new horror series about a fan, who takes his love for the series too far and targets the real-life women from the franchise to kill them like they were killed in the Friday films or "improve" their deaths.
13 Fanboy melds the slasher-style kills that Friday is famous for and the heart-pounding  thrillers such as Hush and Cape Fear. We will be using all practical effects, NO CGI to honor the 80s slashers. 

Check out the IndieGoGo page rightaway here:


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