SOME TIME LATER: Watch The English Subtitled Trailer For Jose Luis Cuerda`s Dystopian Comedy

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SOME TIME LATER: Watch The English Subtitled Trailer For Jose Luis Cuerda`s Dystopian Comedy
Spanish director and writer Jose Luis Cuerda's latest film, sci-fi dystopian comedy Some Time Later, opens tomorrow in Spain. On the cusp of opening night it was also announced that Cuerda will receive the Feroz Award of Honor, to be held at a ceremony in the New Year. 
The award honors the director's 40 year career, while Some Time Later will be up for Best Comedy. The Feroz Awards are Spanish film & TV awards, awarded by the Association of Cinematographic Reporters of Spain each year.
An english language trailer was released last month. My friends at worldwide sales agents FilmSharks let me have a look while I was at Blood Window in Buenos Aries at the beginning of the month. Now is as good a time as any to share it with the rest of you. 
The film unspools in the year 9177… or so, “It’s best not to quibble over such minor details,” according to the film’s official synopsis. The whole world, and perhaps even the universe, have been consolidated into one building and its filthy, almost medieval environs. There can be found all the unwashed, unemployed masses which make up what’s left of humanity in a dystopian, vassalic society that prizes wit and charm.
Inside the castle resides a tyrannical, fascist king and the rag-tag makeup of a socio-political elite, complete with over-sexed clergy, civil guards and a semi-functioning government. Existence as these simple people know it gets thrown into a tizzy when José Maria, a lemonade seller, arrives at the palace, hinting that there may be more to the world than they believe. Variety
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