Giveaway: Win a Copy of RIDE, starring Bella Thorne, on Bluray!

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Giveaway: Win a Copy of RIDE, starring Bella Thorne, on Bluray!
Thinking about picking up a copy of Jeremy Unger's feature film debut, the thriller Ride, starring Bella Thorne today? Perhaps we can persuade you to hold off a couple of days. 
Yes, RLJE Films is releasing the thriller film on DVD and Blu-ray today, December 4th, but Screen Anarchy has three copies on Bluray and we want to give them to three lucky readers in the US. We are going to make this a lean, mean giveaway so pay attention cause we're going to give these away quick like. 
In RIDE, a struggling actor by day, James pays his bills by driving people around Los Angeles for a ride sharing service. His night starts out like any other, but he can’t believe his luck when he picks up the beautiful Jessica, and they immediately hit it off. His next fare, the fast-talking Bruno, convinces James to go back and invite her to join them for a wild night out. But things take a shocking turn when Bruno, armed with a gun and a twisted idea of fun, forces them on a terrifying, white-knuckle ride that quickly spirals out of control.
Okay. As we said we're going to do this quick like. Answer our trivia question below, email us here, and you will be entered into the random draw. We will randomly draw three winners at midnight PST on Thursday, December 6th. That is just over two days to get your butt in gear for a free Bluray of Ride. Ready? 
Bella Thorne starred in what recent televised version of a popular 90s slasher film franchise? 
Got the answer? Email us here and all correct entrants will be entered in the random draw by days end Thursday. Good luck!
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