THE PSYBORGS Trailer: New Web Series, A Canadian Love Letter to 90s After School Television

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THE PSYBORGS Trailer: New Web Series, A Canadian Love Letter to 90s After School Television
Today we help launch the trailer for an upcoming web series called The PsyBorgs. This Canadian production from the crew at Beta Force Carbon in Calgary, Alberta, promises to be a loving nod to after-school programming in the 90s, particularly influenced by shows like Power Rangers and VR Troopers
Though there may not appear to be any of the old Tokusatsu costumed hero elements those influential shows brought over from Japan there is still that sense of overwhelming positivity and comradery from this team called The PsyBorgs. Slap on a bevy of beta level special effects though and you can see what influences Beta Force Carbon did draw from. Then throw in some 'sorrys' and a decked out basement in Canadianna just to make sure you know this web series came from the Great White North. 
The production also enlisted the help of Vancouver based artist Barret Chapman to create that wicked poster below and Calgary based retrosynth band Die Scum Inc. for the musical score. 
The full trailer is below and we also included the second teaser released earlier this year because it also gives everyone a sense of the humor that will be on display in the series as well. Enjoy! 
The future, 2004. The nefarious General Blight, leader of the insidious forces of T.O.X.I.N., has moved beyond selling cigarettes to kids, and has set his sights on total galactic domination. Having recruited a rogue's gallery of miscreants to aid in his conquest, Blight plans to take out the only force strong enough to stop him: the PsyBorgs. Unfortunately for Blight, the PsyBorgs never get tired of wiping criminal filth off of the streets of Championopolis. Armed with incredible cybernetic implants and tremendous psychic abilities, John Carbon and his team of psychic-powered super soldiers are ready to disrupt whatever evil shenanigans General Blight throws their way.
Film production company Beta Force Carbon is proud to announce the release of the first full trailer for their exciting new web-series THE PSYBORGS; an unapologetically nostalgic take on 90’s after-school television! Creators David Hiatt, Nick Haywood, and Braden Brickner can’t wait to share their lovingly comedic tribute to the high-five obsessed heroes and villains of their childhood with a wholly original world full of colourful costumes and superpowers. Bursting with misplaced-machismo, friendship, and villainous plans for world domination, The PsyBorgs is sure to feel like it was ripped from your favourite kids TV station.
The PsyBorgs follows the explosive adventures of a team of psychic super-soldiers as they battle the international terrorist organization known as T.O.X.I.N. The show takes inspiration from the children’s shows of the 1990’s such as Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, and V.R. Troopers, and will include an exclusive VHS release from Magnetic Magic Rentals. The PsyBorgs is directed and co-written by David Hiatt and stars Patrick J. MacEachern (Global Meltdown), Troy Cooper, Dallas Shaw, Emma Houghton (Abracadavers), and Darryl M. Jordan (Prisoner 7).
Along with a full trailer featuring never-before-seen footage, Beta Force Carbon is excited to share the all-new poster for The PsyBorgs! This colourful one-sheet was made by Vancouver-based artist Barret Chapman with inspiration from some of the team’s favourite movie posters and illustrators (Drew Struzan immediately comes to mind). The poster features new characters, set-pieces, and a whole bunch of the Great White North!
The PsyBorgs is part of TELUS STORYHIVE’s inaugural 100K initiative, which awarded up to $100,000 to western Canadian filmmakers to create original content for the web and TV.
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