Frontières at Fantasia 2018: Celebrates Ten Years With First Wave of Projects Announced

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Frontières at Fantasia 2018: Celebrates Ten Years With First Wave of Projects Announced
This weekend our friends from the Frontières co-production market, one of the best and most successful co-pros for the genre community, are readying themselves for the second edition of the Frontières Platform at the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes. 
(The event is a...) dedicated section of presentations and networking opportunities for the genre community. Events will include a Proof of Concept Presentation of projects in the late finance & packaging stages (Saturday May 12, 10am, Palais K), a Buyers Showcase of recently completed or work-in-progress films (Sunday May 13, 4pm, Palais K).
Somewhere between preparing for this weekend's events and hosting they have found time to unveil the first wave of titles for the original Frontières co-pro at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal this Summer. 
The first wave boasts an incredible half and half split, giving the floor to more female directors than ever before, which is very exciting news. If I am not mistaken Nyla Innuksuk's Slash/Back may be one of, if not the, first project(s) brought to the co/pro by a director from one of Canada's Inuit communities. 
Also representing the women are Jill Gevargizian, producer and writer of The Stylist and director of Dark Web. UK director Laura Smith has worked long enough in TV and on short films, she's looking to make her feature film debut. Writer/director/actress Elis Salomon appears to have the most experience among the ladies. She would only be rivaled by Fantasia veteran Leah Johnston, writer of Ingrid and the Black Hole. Johnston has also worked mostly in TV and short film, looking towards making more feature films. 
On the other side of the coin the co-pro will also welcome its first project from the Ukraine, from director Pavlo Ostrikov. He is looking to make his feature film debut along with David-Jan Bronsgeest. You may recall Bronsgeests excellent short film Broker which we debuted at the beginning of the year. The other male directors, Nate Estabrooks (Magniacake), Roberto San Sebastian (Night of the Virgin), and Justin P Lange (The Dark) appear to be shooting for their sophomore efforts. 
So all in all it looks like we have a lot of fresh faces, relative to their experiences, in this first wave of Frontières titles. We cannot wait to learn more about their projects in July. 
After February’s Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum in Amsterdam, and the upcoming Frontières Platform in Cannes on Saturday May 12 & Sunday May 13, Frontières returns to the Fantasia International Film Festival for the 10th edition of its co-production market. The market will take place July 19-22 in Montreal.
Frontières is pleased to announce a first wave of projects for this year’s official market selection. Notable project helmers include:  Scythia Films (THE WITCH) from Canada, Fantastic Films (the upcoming SEA FEVER & VIVARIUM) from Ireland and DOR Films (THE DARK) from Austria. Of these projects, the line-up features 50% women directors and Frontières' first project from Ukraine. The full project line-up will be announced in early June. Past Frontières projects include RAW, LES AFFAMÉS, 78/52, TURBO KID, THE RANGER and the upcoming EXTRA ORDINARY, SLAXX and GEORGE A. ROMERO’S ROAD OF THE DEAD.
Frontières at Fantasia: First Wave Projects
Director/Writer: Nate Estabrooks
Producers: Michael Leclair & Nate Estabrooks (Space Tigers Inc)
BEDTIME (Spain - Basque)
Director:  Roberto San Sebastiàn
Writers: Guillermo Guerrero,  Roberto San Sebastiàn
Producer: Kevin Iglesias (Platanobolígrafo)
Director/Writer: Leah Johnston
Producers: Kristy Neville & Matt Code  (Wildling Pictures), Leah Johnston (The World Beneath Productions)
INSIDE (USA/Ireland)
Director: Elise Salomon
Writer: Screenplay by Elise Salomon, Story by Elise Salomon & Sandra Murillo
Producers: Jay Thames (77 Films), Deirdre Levins, John McDonnell, Brendan McCarthy (Fantastic Films)
MEET JIMMY (Netherlands)
Director: David-Jan Bronsgeest
Writer/Producer: Tim Koomen
Presented in partnership with the Imagine Film Festival
Director/Writer: Laura Smith
Producer: Jenny Walker (FoR Films)
Director: Jill Gevargizian
Writer: Eric Stolze
Producers: Morgan Peter Brown & Joe Wicker (FallBack Plan Productions)
Director: Nyla Innuksuk
Writers: Nyla Innuksuk & Nate Wilson
Producers: Nyla Innuksuk (Mixtape VR), Daniel Bekerman (Scythia Films), Christopher Yurkovich (Stellar Citizens)
THERESA (Austria)
Director/Writer: Justin P. Lange
Producers:  Danny Krausz, Florian Kruegel (DOR FILM Productions Ltd.)
Director/Writer: Pavlo Ostrikov
Producers: Vladimir Yatsenko, Aleksandra Kostina (LIMELITE)
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