Horrorant 2018: Complete Lineup Announced! MON MON MON MONSTERS to Open, THE RANGER to Close Greek Genre Fest

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Horrorant 2018: Complete Lineup Announced! MON MON MON MONSTERS to Open, THE RANGER to Close Greek Genre Fest

Next week the fifth annual Horrorant Film Festival tours Greece, bringing an eclectic lineup of local and international titles with it. The first wave of titles announced at the beginning of the month had a number of familiar titles from the LatAm region. There were also some good films from the European region as well. 

As the festival draws near the complete lineup has been revealed and so much goodness awaits genre fans in Greece. To start with the opening and closing films, the terrific vampire flick Mon Mon Mon Monsters will open the festival and Jenn Wexler's The Ranger shows no signs of slowing down, continuing its blinding festival circuit run when it closes this festival. 

Helping round off the LatAm content in the fest is one of my favorite films, Aterrados (Terrified). I might have written about it once or twice (cause it's damned good!). 
There is also other vampire related flicks in the lineup as well. Living Among Us by Brian A. Metcalf crosses over into the found footage genre along with prior mentioned Cold Ground by Febien Delage, which features another classic monster. There is The Wanderers: The Quest of the Demon Hunter by Dragos Buliga, a Romanian vampire-esque film starring Armand Assante (find the trailer and tell me he doesn't look like he's headed out to a Hard Target cosplay event). 
Another treat for the Horrorant audience will be the special program, a tribute to author HP Lovecraft. The program features screenings of From Beyond and In The Mouth of Madness among others. 
Find all the films included in this year's festival below!
Horrorant Film Festival “FRIGHT NIGHTS”, one of the fastest up and coming genre film festival in Europe, celebrates its five years and is ready to offer to the Greek audience its most complete and diverse lineup of its history.
From May 3 to 9, 25 movies from all around the world will premiere in Athens and compete for this year’s Horrorant awards.
The steadily rising film industry of North America bore some exceptional fruits this year, making our choices tough, and with a final list of nine movies coming from that part of the planet, it seems that Spain’s crown will be seriously questioned.
Here is the list of the 25 movies that will be screened in the International Competition section:
Cold Ground by Fabien Delage [FR]
Compulsión by Ángel González [ES]
Crystal Eyes (Mirada de Cristal) by Ezequiel Endelman & Leandro Montejano [ARG]
Doubleplusungood by Marco Laguna [BE]
Framed by Marc Martínez [ES]
Living Among Us by Brian A. Metcalf [USA]
Luciferina by Gonzalo Calzada [ARG]
México Bárbaro II by Diego Cohen, Christian Cueva, Ricardo Farias, Michelle Garza, Carlos Meléndez, Lex Ortega, Abraham Sánchez, Sergio Tello, Fernando Urdapilleta [MEX]
Mon Mon Mon Monsters by Giddens Ko [TW] (OPENING FILM)
Necronomicón: The Book of Hell (Necronomicón: El Libro del Infierno) by Marcelo Schapces [ARG]
Our Evil (Mal Nosso) by Samuel Galli [BR]
Skin Creepers by Ezra Tsegaye [GER]
Snowflake (Schneeflöckchen) by Adolfo J. Kolmerer & William James [GER]
Stop Over in Hell (Parada en el Infierno) by Víctor Matellano [ES]
Terrified (Aterrados) by Demián Rugna [ARG]
The Envelope (Konvert) by Vladimir Markov [RUS]
The Evil Within by Andrew Getty [USA]
The Houses October Built 2 by Bobby Roe [USA]
The Inhabitant (El Habitante) by Guillermo Amoedo [MEX/CL]
The Laplace's Demon (Il Demone di Laplace) by Giordano Giulivi [IT]
The Ranger by Jenn Wexler [USA] (CLOSING FILM)
The Wanderers: The Quest of the Demon Hunter by Dragos Buliga [ROM]
Trauma by Lucio A. Rojas [CL]
Tuftland by Roope Olenius [FIN]
What The Waters Left Behind (Los Olvidados) by Luciano Onetti & Nicolás Onetti [ARG]
This year’s Special Tribute is dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft, the emblematic writer who left his mark in horror literature and consequently in cinema. Honoring his masterpieces, Horrorant Film Festival will screen five movies that are directly or indirectly inspired or based on his works:
The Haunted Palace (1963)
From Beyond (1986)
Bride of Re-Animator (1989)
In the Mouth of Madness (1994)
The Whisperer in Darkness (2011)
Finally, we could not forget the Short Films section, and after a careful screening through almost 500 submitted shorts, we selected the following 38 (8 greek and 30 foreign):
Greek Shorts
9023 by Tania Nanavraki & Sotiris Petridis
A Child Outside by Panos Eliakopoulos
After Dark by Konstantinos Gourgiotis & George Leontakianakos
Erinyes by Dimitris Pemmas
Heimlich by Kostas Bakouris
The Dot by Leonidas Fountoulis
The Elected by Thomas Giannakis
To Kouti (The Box) by Aris Deligiannidis
International Shorts
9 Steps (9 Pasos) by Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera
Alice (Alicia) by Daniel M. Caneiro
Alicia by Enrique Muñoz
Alleycats by Alejandro  Jiménez
Besoin Dead by Aurélien Digard
Birthday by Alberto Viavattene
Caronte by Luis Tinoco
Centrifugado by Mireia Noguera
Compatible by Pau Bacardit
Defunctionary (Defuncionario) by Wiro Berriatúa
Drops (Gotas) by Sergio Morcillo
Impacto by Héctor Romance
Innocent Drawings (Bocetos Inocentes) by Juan González Henao
Jigsaw Feeling by Emilio Soberino
Lion by Davide Melini
Look Away by Sang Hoon Lee
Lunch Ladies by J.M. Logan
Marta Is Not Coming For Dinner (Marta No Viene A Cenar) by Macarena Astorga
Mothers of Luna (Madres De Luna) by Alicia Albares
¡NO! by Pedro Maccarone & Max Franco
Nouvelle Cuisine by Manuel Reyes Halaby
Out of The Darkness (Skickelsen) by Jonas Gramming
Round-trip (Aller-retour) by Victor Cesca
Short but Sweet (Kort maar Krachtig) by Junaid Chundrigar
Suspense or Surprise (Suspenso o Sorpresa) by Daniel Bernal
The Island (La Mediana) by Martin Van Hassel
The Last Drop (Der Letzte Tropfen) by Sascha Zimmermann
Unni by Inwook Kim
Z Fest by David Cordero
We honestly couldn’t have been more proud of our lineup of movies we proudly bring to the greek audience. Horrorant Film Festival turns 5 and this May, Athens will experience a real cinematic celebration. Join us!
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