TRAUMA: NC-17 Trailer For Lucio A. Rojas' LatAm Extreme Horror

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TRAUMA: NC-17 Trailer For Lucio A. Rojas' LatAm Extreme Horror
The latest, and likely bloodiest, harshest and most extreme blast of violent horror cinema from Latin America comes in the form of Lucio A. Rojas' Trauma. His latest film will have its world premiere at Morbido at the end of the month.
Directed by Lucio A. Rojas, the film stars Catalina Martin, Daniel Antivilo, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar, Felipe Ríos, Dominga Bofill, Alejandro Trejo, Max Torres, Claudio Riveros and Eduardo Paxeco. It was produced by Luciano and Nico Onetti who have their own extreme horror offering What the Waters Left Behind playing at the festival as well. 
Fangoria debuted the NC-17 trailer yesterday.
TRAUMA tells the brutal story of a group of women stalked and outraged by two men, whose evil proceeds from the dark past of Chile, in a film that has provoked great controversy among those who have seen it. TRAUMA digs in the dark past of the southernmost Latin country with the story of four young women which are attacked by a disturbed man and his son on a weekend trip.
Fangoria also had a statement from Rojas which we feel is important to include here as well. 
TRAUMA is a raw movie – tough, violent, and dramatic. Although by some of its elements it could get close to the exploitation cinema, we went quite further. Some villains which are not from the present, but other times of Chile’s history. The content is extreme, visceral, strictly for people over 18. But it was the only way to tell a story of this sort.”
A friend of Screen Anarchy who is familiar with the film described it as such, "The film has a razor sharp political edge and condemnation of the chilean military that has never been so open and savage... I feel that in the landscape of extreme latin american genre cinema this film will mark a before and after". Yes, Trauma may prove to be one of the most controversial exteme horror offering in recent memory. 
Due to the NC-17 rating on the trailer and the extreme nature of the violence ("...tons of extreme violence, torture and rape scenes" as our friend would describe it) and sexual content in it we will follow Fangoria's example and will not be hosting the trailer in this article. If you feel so inclined please follow this link to the YouTube page. Fair warning, we are not making shit up, this is extreme LatAm horror at its peak. 
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