DEATH METAL: Brilliant & Deathly Comic Short Now Online

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DEATH METAL: Brilliant & Deathly Comic Short Now Online

Chris McInroy has made a name for himself on the fantastic genre festival circuit for his delightfully wicked, bloody, and hilarious shorts, such as Bad Guy #2 and his latest, We Summoned a Demon. After its long and fruiful festival run (Fantasia, Fantastic Fest, FrightFest, MotelX, to name a few), his recent short Death Metal is now online for your viewing pleasure.

A metalhead is gifted a satanic guitar from his father. There are a few rules to be obeyed in order to utilize its power, but the metalhead just wants to thresh some sweet chords.

Wonderfully funny and gory to the extreme, this is worth a few minutes of your day to watch.

Death Metal from Chris McInroy on Vimeo.

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