Morbido 2017: Debuting The Enticingly Hellish Poster For This Year's Festival

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Morbido 2017: Debuting The Enticingly Hellish Poster For This Year's Festival

The Morbido familia have just unveiled their poster for this year's festival. As usual, it is a doozy, conveying a sense of impending death and destruction as the gates of hell open up to reveal, a devil priestess. And what a priestess. 

Now normally here is the spot where we would paste in a nice big version of the poster for you, because we are usually kind and generous folks and want to give you the goods right away. You are going to have hold on and scroll down a bit more for a larger version.

When you look at the poster and see how desirable Satan looks, all front and centre, and... frontal there, we wouldn't want wandering eyes around the office to catch a glimpse and wonder if you are a) a disciple of the Dark One, b) perverted as fuck, or c) "Oh, him? That's just wierdo Dave looking at porn at the office again".

A big and glorious version of the poster is further below. Trust us.

Morbido 2017 posseses Mexico City from October 26 through November 5th. Screen Anarchy is very much looking forward to being back at the festival with our familia and friends from the festival circuit. As Morbido announces their lineups we will share the program with you as well. Other festival regulars are returning to the festival but I cannot reveal who I know is already returning this year.

So stop for a moment.

Take a look around you.

Is the coast clear? 

"Jiminy Cricket, Andrew! Stop delaying!!!"

OKAY! Okay okay okay.

Here you go. 

Bask in her devilish glory!

morbido 2017 poster 860pdi.jpg

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