I AM ROBOT YOU ARE NOT! Watch First Episode Now

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I AM ROBOT YOU ARE NOT! Watch First Episode Now

I love robots. Do you love robots? Who doesn't love robots? Especially when they star in an animated short with a great theme song that runs less than 4 minutes, make cute sounds, fire their weapons, and generally add joy to a rainy day (at least where I'm living).

This is the first episode in an animated series. Our editor and founder Todd Brown first wrote about the Killer Robots back in 2014; the feature film eventually got released on home video last year and is available on Amazon.

Now comes the new series, which will roll out some time in the future, again featuring the Killer Robots and "a bunch of new friends." Visit the oficial site for more information. For now, we invite you to take 4 minutes (or less) and enjoy the first episode below.

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