Exclusive: Take to the Skies with André Hedetoft's SPACE PIRATES

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Exclusive: Take to the Skies with André Hedetoft's SPACE PIRATES

Last we heard from André Hedetoft (co-writer-director of Origin) he was working on something called Finns Här Några Snälla Barn or as you might remember it: “Pippi Longstocking with zombies!” While that film is still very much on track, aiming for a winter shoot and currently casting its leads, Hedetoft already has another project in the pipeline. Space Pirates promises to be true to its title as “a unique mix of sci-fi and fantasy, bringing the myths and legends of pirates of the seven seas to life, in space”.

Born as an imaginative adventure a young Hedetoft used to dream up in his bathtub, Space Pirates’ story became emotionally enriched by the birth of his three daughters: “Three girls hidden throughout the galaxy discover on their fifteenth birthday that they're daughters to legendary space pirates and in their DNA each hold one piece of the map to a treasure that can lead the population of a long gone earth all the way home.”

Space Pirates is first being turned into a graphic novel and on the lookout for partners who can help transform the creative vision into a one-of-a-kind tv-series.

We have some concept art (created by Jens Grönberg) to go along with the nifty announcement. Enjoy it in the gallery below, and as always: you can click on the image to enlarge.

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