GODZILLA vs. KONG: DEATH NOTE's Adam Wingard Tapped to Direct Big Monster Pic

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GODZILLA vs. KONG: DEATH NOTE's Adam Wingard Tapped to Direct Big Monster Pic
Well. That career escalated quickly. Once the darling of the indie horror scene with small films like A Horrible Way To Die and You're Next Adam Wingard has locked in a deal to direct Godzilla vs. Kong for Legendary and Warner Bros. To date the biggest thing he has directed is his recent adaptation of the Japanese franchise Death Note for Netflix due in August. 
This upcoming chapter was written by committee, lead by Pirates of the Caribbean scribe Terry Rossio. He was joined back in March for a writing pow-wow by Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne (Star Trek Beyond), Fresh faces and female voices Lindsey Beer and Cat Vasko, Maze Runner movies writer T.S. Nowlin (also Pacific Rim: Uprising), Jack Paglen (Transcendence and Alien: Covenant), and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. Really the only name here that has my interest is Straczynskis. 
We are a long ways away from the planned released in May of 2020. Anything can happen between now and then but seeing as a lot of the ScreenAnarchy family are fans of Wingard and his work we are very excited for him and this opportunity. Well earned. 
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ZetobeltMay 31, 2017 7:33 AM

That would be a good one: "GODZILLA vs. KONG KONG vs. DEATH NOTE"

MikeMay 31, 2017 9:17 AM

Wow, that's a lot of writers even for one of these things.

chuckMay 31, 2017 4:08 PM

Writing by committee in full effect I see.. Lets hope this one is better then that King Kong or last Godzilla movie.

Also I think his biggest film to date would be Blair Witch, that had a wide release and did fairly well.

Todd BrownMay 31, 2017 4:15 PM

Blair Witch was a complete and total financial failure for Lionsgate. It did not do well at all. It released on 3000+ screens and did a total US box office of $20 million. Worldwide total of $45. At that rate they almost certainly didn't even make their advertising budget back, never mind the cost of making the film. Amongst Blair Witch films it ranks third. Amongst films released over the last year it ranks 105th.

Production budget doesn't seem to be readily available for Blair Witch (though I haven't looked that hard), but Death Note is DEFINITELY a bigger budget film.

chuckMay 31, 2017 4:41 PM

Must have been the non stop marketing of that film then that lead me to believe it was bigger then it turned out to be!

xtheseusxJune 1, 2017 1:50 AM

Unless the "committee" is Pixar, I'm already writing off the script, but I do want to see Adam shine. I remember a screening of A Horrible Way To Die at Cinefamily in LA like 6 years ago. I'm crossing my fingers for him on this one.

mercyJune 2, 2017 3:20 PM

First half of Death Note was enjoyable, especially the Gods of Death were cool, then the production fell into its own sword.. Watch the Anime TV series instead, that's waay more captivating.